This American corporation sued Canada to get their banned chemical into the country.

Hi! I'm with the Ethyl Corporation, a U.S. chemical company. Back in 1997 Canada banned MMT, a gasoline additive that is a suspected neurotoxin. The problem was that we sold this stuff and we really wanted to keep making money in Canada. So we used legal mechanisms in the North American Free Trade Agreement to sue Canada and challenge the ban.

Not only did we win of $15 million -- but the government was forced to remove the policy!

The new TPP trade deal will make it possible for new corporations to initiate these kinds of lawsuits! Consider calling Ken Powell so that you can sue Canada!

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This US drug giant is suing Canadian taxpayers for $500 million dollars.

Hello, I’m from US pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly!

We love owning the patents to our drugs because it lets us prevent competition and keep prices high. In the 90s we employed what the Canadian government called a “scattershot” approach and filed 28 different patents for two drugs. One drug treats schizophrenia and another treats attention deficit disorder. The Canadian government said “Canadian law does not grant patents for almost-inventions.”

They overturned two of our patents based on Canada’s higher standards of patent regulation and this allowed other companies to produce and sell more affordable versions of this medicine in Canada.

So we’re suing taxpayers for $500 million dollars by using legal mechanisms in the North American Free Trade Agreement. If we win we will set a very important legal precedent that renders foreign corporations immune to Canadian law.

If Trudeau’s Liberals pass the TPP we will have all sort of new powers to keep drug prices high around the world!

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This fracking company is suing Canadian taxpayers for $250 million.

Daniel J. Mahooney, MBA Quotes:

I’m from Lone Pine Resources Inc. When the government of Canada tried to introduce rules like a fracking moratorium we were shocked! Our company deserves to frack under the Saint Lawrence River because we have the right to mine hard, business hard and sue hard whenever and wherever we want! The government suddenly tried to introduced cry-baby rules they like to call ‘environmental regulations’ to ‘protect citizens’. Boo hoo Canada. Canada thought that they could just spring regulations on a company that stop us from making business-millions. Not if we have anything to say about it!

We are suing the crap out of the government for $250 million. The case is still in process, but I feel confident that myself and other shareholders will get the money we rightly deserve from the secret trade tribunal process and ultimately from the ‘little babies’ called Canadian taxpayers.

Call Ken early, after this TPP deal is ratified, EVERYONE is going to want him to sue the Canadian government for them! He is simply one of the best in the biz.

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The people of El Salvador said “No” to mining, so this Canadian mining corporation is suing them for $301 million

In 2008 El Salvador stopped issuing new mining permits after pollution caused a clean water crisis. 97% of their water supply was unfit for human consumption.

We here at Pacific Rim Mining Corp. are a good old Canadian company that never had an actual licence to conduct anything more than preliminary mining exploration. We really wanted to though. So we filed a lawsuit against the El Salvadorian goverment for $301 million. That’s nearly 2% of El Salvador’s GDP and about as much they spend on health, education and security in a 3 year period.

If you need to take advantage of a small country, call Ken Powell. He is the kind of dude who will not let his conscience get in the way of the work he needs to do to get you a win and the payout your company deserves.

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This logging company sued Canadian taxpayers for $130 million and won.

Jarvis J. Jarverson Quotes:

Hi there, I’m from AbitibiBowater Inc.  When we closed our last mill in Newfoundland and Labrador in 2008, the provincial government wanted us to return the timber and water rights to the Crown and expropriate some of our lands and assets associated with water and hydroelectric rights. They wanted to pay us fair market value for our assets. Can you imagine? Who goes into business to get fair market value? Suckers, that’s who!

We sued under a NAFTA claim and the government decided to settle without going to court. Our $130 million settlement is the largest NAFTA-related settlement to date! Some would call this a ’constitutional train wreck in slow motion’ but we called it ‘champagne-time’!

If you want to win big in court, call Ken Powell, Attorney-At-Law. He will go to bat for you and get you the money you deserve from Canadian taxpayers!

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These folks protected their drinking water, so a cement company sued them for $15 million - and won.

Herbert H. Herbington Sr Quotes:

I’m from St. Marys Cement. Citizens in Ontario where not letting usput in a quarry. We obviously need to make cement, it’s right in the name of our company! The people were all worried about  wetlands, streams and thegroundwater being drinkable. Pfft! The provincial government issued a zoning order that would have stopped the quarry, except we pushed back saying that the zoning order was unfair and discriminatory to us. We ended up settling in 2013 for $15 million from the taxpaying public.

If your corporation is being hurt by unfair environmental regulations, then call Ken! He will fight tooth and nail for you to get the millions you deserve.

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These oil companies didn't like the rules, so they sued Canadian taxpayers for 17.3 million - and won.

Hello! Here at ExxonMobil we were ready to start offshore drilling in Newfoundland and Labrador. Then we found there was a set of regulations that forced us invest in research and development in Newfoundland and Labrador, as part of a local benefits package. We prefer benefits to be localized to the region known as "our pockets" and so we teamed up with another oil company and sued the Canadian government for $17.3 million dollars. We won!

If you don't want to follow the rules, call Ken Powell, Attorney-At-Law. He will go to bat for you and get you the money you deserve from Canadian taxpayers!

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